Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bioshock all night long

Picture stolen from www.webhallen.com

Somehow we are caught up in Rapture. Using thew weapons isn´t that hard. But all the different stuff - gene modifications etc. That´s a bit tougher. The modification is fun but it makes you think.

Anyway it´s a really good game. Apparently it sold out at most stores after just a few days in Stockholm.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back on the right track....

YoMette doing some heavy surfing in San Sebastian, late june.

So much new to report about! Kink is once again up and running! You know what to do...
What else is new? I found the vans X pukas slip on in San Sebastian. Not as kool irl as on the web thou.

The new Burton site has dropped as well as new sites from Foursquare, Special Blend an tons of other. So far FourSquare looks the best.

P.S. Still waiting for that Burton catalogue to get to Sweden.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Next gen boards from Lib Tech

The boards we really want to lay our hands on....

More from Mustachio...

...and also a great interview with norweigan snowboard company and Norröna-spin offs Whiteout!!

Grenade 07/08

Grenade gloves for 07/08 are popping! The excellent site El Mustachio has some pics of the upcoming gloves. As usual they look really great! The mandreas mitt is my favourite so far for the 07/08. But on the other hand - so far no other gloves have beaten my 3 years old Burton gore mitt. But who knows?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Melodica - straight outta Finland

Everyones new favourite skateboard company. Melodica is out of Finland. Somehow the company seems to still be something of a secret. On the site you´ll find a nice video as well. All about skateboarding, no "glamour", "bling" or "punk". Like the stickers on the first Anti Cimex record says: "just pure hard core the way it was meant to be played".

DVS Luxe

Dvs are updating the styles and are soon releasing the latest line - Dvs Luxe.
The line consists of some shoes and some apparel (one jacket, some tees and a really nice looking knitted sweater). It´s good to see that even "not so hip" brands as Dvs are kept up to date.

Dvs Luxe